“Happiness is worthless: it depends on unhappiness. Bliss is transcendence: one moves beyond the duality of being happy and unhappy. One watches both – happiness comes, one watches and does not become identified with it. One does not say: ‘I am happy. Peace – it is wonderful.’ One simply watches, one says: ‘Yes, a white cloud passing.’ And then comes unhappiness, and one does not become unhappy either. One says: ‘A black cloud passing – I am the witness, the watcher.’

This is what meditation is all about – just becoming a watcher. Failure comes, success comes, you are praised, you are condemned, you are respected, you are insulted – all kinds of things come, they are all dualities. And you go on watching. Watching the duality, a third force arises in you, a third dimension arises in you. The duality means two dimensions – one dimension is happiness, another is unhappiness. Watching both, a depth arises in you – the third dimension, witnessing, SAKSHI.

And that third dimension brings Bliss. Bliss is without any opposite to it. It is serene, tranquil, and cool. It is ecstasy without any excitement. ”