Love and Freedom

Love gives freedom. Love that doesn’t give freedom, is not love.

“Love is not thirst for power. How can you dominate someone you love? How can you make him dependent and still be loving? But what happens in the world in the name of love is something else: the lust for power, wanting to control others. Of course independence is inadmissible then. You do everything to make the other identical to yourself. You are afraid of the other person’s freedom, because freedom escapes control and freedom is unpredictable. So all so-called love tries to kill freedom in any way it can – and as soon as freedom is destroyed, love dies.
Love is very fragile, like a rose. You have to allow her to dance in the rain, in the wind, in the sun.

…. Love is like a bird in the sky, and its freedom occupies all of the sky. You can catch the bird, you can put it in a magnificent gilded cage, and it only appears to be the same bird that flew free and had the sky to itself. It just appears to be, but it’s not: you have killed it. You have clipped its wings. You have taken its sky from it. And birds do not care for your gold – no matter how precious your cage is, it is still a prison.”